Unknown VIETNAM 2012

The Unknown Vietnam stage of the project will take place throughout all Vietnam, over 3 months. The project will start in Hanoi, from where the team will leave to Sapa. From Sapa, will be visited places less frequented, especially rural zones, where the team will live with the villagers, and they will try to surprise the part inaccessible to common tourists. The purpose is to be visited more remote places, starting from Sapa to South. A daily written journal will be sustained where it will be described the experience lived by two occidentals in the middle of the Asiatic mystery.

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Anca Cernoschi Photography

I work with natural light almost exclusively, I prefer domestic interiors because they give a feeling of authenticity to the portrait. I photograph things the way I’d like to be seen by the others, strongly believing that in the moment are exposed, they don’t belong to me anymore, that is why I find very important where and how it’s seen, who has access to them and what are the responses. These images are storytelling portraits, like a memory about the past or maybe the future. They are almost classical Eastern-european portraits with romantic overtones, with a timeless element.

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