About me

lixandru m. robert
rborn in aiud, romania/ the 26th of august, 1976

artistic background 1998 – 2016

exhibitions / art camps

• arranger of international art exhibitions
• founder and arranger of “inter-art” international art camps, aiud, romania
• participant at art workshops / group exhibitions / mail art exhibitions
– New York (United Nations Headquarters, Romanian Cultural Institute), Washington (Woodrow Wilson International Center for Schoolars), Kutztown, PA (“New Arts Program” Gallery), Dallas – USA
– Vienna (Galerie Time) – Austria
– Vichy (Pole Lardy), Chatel Montagne (Maison du Patrimoine) – France
– Petion Ville (Brazilian Institute, Hotel de Ville de Pétionville) – Haiti
– Bruxelles (European Parliament) – Belgium
– Geneve (Palais de Nations) – Switzerland
– Aiud, Alba Iulia, Cluj Napoca, Bucharest (Palace of Parliament) – Romania

artistic roles
• founder, together with ştefan balog and ioan hădărig of the “inter-art” foundation (1988), the “inter-art” galleries (2000) and the “inter-art” contemporary art museum (2005) in aiud, romania / www.inter-art.ro
In spring 2000, at the initiative of the “Inter-Art” Foundation Aiud and by the decision of the Local Council, Aiud municipality received the title “City of Arts”.
• member of the “inter-art” organizer council of the international “inter-art” artcamp in aiud (1996 – 2016), the international “inter-art” youth artcamp – aiud (2006 – 2015), international “wine – art” graphic camp – alba iulia (2007, 2008), international “prison art” camp – aiud (2008), the international humour festival – aiud (2004 – 2015), international photo and documentary movie festival “ARTaiud” (2005 – 2015), international mail art exhibitions (2000 – 2016), intercontinental small graphic biennial – aiud (2006 – 2016)
• photographer of the “inter-art” foundation aiud, with over 150.000 photos realised during “inter-art” foundation activities (1998 – 2016)

• photos for publication “gypsies ofromania (1919-1944)”
edited by the ethnocultural diversity resource center, cluj napoca, romania
• “images from the old aiud” ed. I 2008, ed. II 2011, ed. III 2012 and ed. IV 2014
edited by the “l. rebreanu” cultural center aiud, romania
• photos for “10 years of inter-art” 2005 and for “15 years of inter-art” 2010
edited by the “inter-art” foundation aiud, romania

• 1st place for the participation in the “create your own mineral water bottle” contest, proposed by biborteni, romania
• mention in “vacante si calatorii” magazine at the contest with theme “urban landscape”
• 3rd place in “photo magazine” at the contest with theme “country life”

• member of canon eos academy